“Those snowboarders used to be doing keg stands at 11 AM on their side of SIA. But, hey, that’s why the snowboard industry is in the position it is. We were doing business on the ski side.” Ahhhh the annual SIA Snow Show in Denver. I overheard this juicy-gem on my way to see the future. And when the future and snowboarding collide? Let me assure you, it’s a beautiful thing, and that back-handed comment overheard from some old-bat in front of me just made my day as I checked my watch with anticipation. Nope, not quite 11 AM yet. But, it will be soon – ready the kegs! Here’re 12 things that caught our attention today at SIA.

Stale sandbech rome sds collection 2016 board
If you said that Stale Sandbech was the best snowboarder in the world you wouldn’t be wrong. Here ROME SNOWBOARDS displays his signature kit. Custom MOD board along with his TARGA bindings. This is the first true signature setup ROME has ever made, so you know it’s worthy.

The hot trend continues, powder quiver boards are as hot and real as global warming. Check this COOL BEAN board from K2. Looks like art, rides like a laid-back Malibu surf session in the 60’s.

adidas booth was packed solid. Everyone wants to see what’s good with the newcomer. Boots hung below the moniker “Superstar” and that wasn’t just a clever title.

Look at these gems! Wildcat till death, JF Pelchat, has made some beautiful and progressive NOW bindings. Benji Ritchie is out in the mountains riding the shit out of them. These guys know what’s up.

It’s Frank! Frank April was rolling around in this powered kart, the Deja Vu destroyer recently had a metal rod inserted in his right leg. He goes hard in the paint and paid the price. It happens. Frank is riding ARBOR now and will be back hammering out clips in no time.

DCP and Romain de Marchi of YES fame holding down the booth and reppin’ their weapons of choice. Always great to see snowboarders owning successful snowboard companies.

RIDE rodeo binding is the cleanest, classiest, lightest binding we saw today. Oh, and did you know the whole thing is 100% recyclable? They call that a win-win.

OAKLEY truly is the future. This goggle tracks your runs, speed, emails, texts and gives you a heads up display of your RECON pop camera. Some 007 shit going on in here.

Jeff Keenan has been claiming that DINOSAURS WILL DIE for years and people have been paying attention. The rats are feeding.

Forrest Bailey with his new signature 686 Cosmic Collection. Forrest is hiding a broken arm behind that coat. Seems to be a pattern here, pro riders attending SIA are injured. Pretty much.

Phil Jacques aka “Man Tricks” with his CAPiTA weapon of choice. The 2015/16 Ultrafear in all of its glory.

Anto Chamberlain wasn’t at the DC booth, but his video was turning heads, playing on repeat, and selling the MUTINY boot.