This February, see some of the most jaw-dropping mountain adventure films from across the world at the 2016 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF). With 74 film finalists and 18 guest speakers, the VIMFF 2016 Program is packed with stunning cinematography, impressive lines, incredible sends, gorgeous scenery, and inspiring stories from across the world.

SNOWMAN – Saturday 13th February

Guest speakers Heather Mosher & Doug McLeod will be discussing their ambitious trip to the Yukon’s Tombstone range in their search for snow and adventure. The trailer and imagery can be found here.

This will then be followed by the Vancouver premiere of Snowman, directed by and starring professional skier, coach, TV commentator, adventurer and film producer Mike Douglas, along with avalanche forecaster and consultant in B.C.’s rugged Coast Range Kevin Fogolin.

Set in B.C.’s dramatic Coast Range mountains, SNOWMAN is a familiar tale of dreaming big and the barriers—both benign and catastrophic—to realizing a childhood fantasy. It’s the story of a friendship forged in the mountains, and a lifestyle where the greatest risk is not daring to dream at all.

SKI SHOW – Thursday 18th February 

Joes Schusler’s 55 HOURS IN MEXICO
For those with 9 to 5 office jobs, the weekend is a source of freedom and balance. How adventurous can one get in a single weekend and 55 hours away from home? We headed to Mexico with our favorite working stiff Karl Thompson to explore the limits of the weekend warrior.

B.C. Premiere of Stephan Keck’s BALLOONSKIING
Balloonskiing is the adventurous way of heliskiing. You never know where you are going to ski. The wind leads the way and you have to follow its twists and turns. Your destination is not planable. But still possible to ski.

B.C. Premiere of Guido Perrini’s DEGREES NORTH

Degrees North is an intimate expose of what adventure means to leading action sports athletes. We see a dangerous and untried technique coupled with the worst snow season for generations. Degrees North is an adventure story filled with high and lows. Literally!


With Skis and Snowboards strapped to their motorcycles, The North Face athletes Mark Carter and Callum Pettit tour through the Canadian Rockies to the Columbia Icefields, seeking a different experience in the mountains. By choosing an alternate method of movement, they discover the beauty of the process and a new relationship with travel. Meanwhile, riding lines off some of the areas most iconic peaks.

Canadian Premiere of KT Miller’s SHIFTING ICE AND CHANGING TIDES

In March of 2014 six women set sail from Isafjordur, Iceland on an adventure of a lifetime. Professional skiers McKenna Peterson, Meghan Kelly, Nat Segal, and Pip Hunt accompanied by Pip’s mom (and master yachtsman) Martha Hunt boarded the La Louise, a 63 foot schooner for their journey across the Denmark straight. Photographer and videographer Kt Miller accompanied them to document the expedition.

Ben Sturgulewski’s SNOWFLAKE
Witness the joys and wonders of nature through the eyes of Snowflake, an eccentric Swiss skier with a life philosophy just as beautiful and perfectly unique as his namesake.

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About the VIMFF

Driven by a passion for film, culture, and the outdoors, the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF) Society seeks to advance appreciation of films and film-making while inspiring, informing, and educating the public in these areas.

VIMFF achieves its aim by producing film festivals and photo exhibits, and providing a forum for film-makers and photographers to present and discuss their works. Its instructional seminars on films, film-making, and photography provide further education for those seeking to develop their skills.
By presenting unique outdoor and mountaineering films that illustrate experiences and cultures from all corners of the globe, VIMFF brings communities together to promote positive values and active lifestyles.

The Society is aligned with the philosophy of the North Vancouver municipalities to promote, both locally and internationally, the natural beauty of North Vancouver and its status as one of the best places to visit and live – a place where nature and culture meet.