We run down the 411 on Agence Royal‘s Alex Sirois.

“Snort some salt, drink the tequila and get the lemon squeezed in your eye. I’ll let you imagine the rest of the night.”

Agency name: Agence Royal

Brands: ThirtyTwo, Etnies, Emerica, Altamont, éS, Dragon, LRG, Kayo Corp, RVCA, Instance, Native, Komono, Metal Mulisha, Generic Surplus, L-Space, Urbanears, Marshall Headphones, Molami, Coloud, Minimum

Territory: Quebec and the Maritimes

PK’s per year: More than 50

Selling seasons per year: Just enough

Longest distance between shops: Rouyn-Noranda to Sept-Iles—1,573 km

Most remote account: Sept-Iles S3 Boardshop

Rep vehicle: Toyota Highlander hybrid 2013

Mileage: 20,000 km

Favourite road grub: Campanelli, les Finesses d’Alsace

Best road trip story: [ThirtyTwo] Boots camp in 2000 at Mont-Comi. The trip back was pretty crazy—two vans chasing each other with the sliding door open and throwing eggs and food at one an other. It was the fastest five-hour drive ever.

Best way to kill time on the road: Answer e-mails, return phone calls and Tinder.

All-time highway tunes: Ron Fournier, radio show on hockey.

Best job perk: We work with great accounts and have some great involvement with the brands we represent.

Favourite place work has taken you and why: Paris for the 20 year of Etnies, RVCA Hawaii sales meeting, ThirtyTwo boots camps, Lake Tahoe and so many more.

The most common questions you are asked by retailers: “When is your deadline? No, for real, what’s the real deadline?”

The most common thing retailers request from you: Times have changed. In the past it was pop, stickers or promo; these days, it’s more margins, kickback and better delivery date.

Do you lose or gain weight during selling season? Gain, because there’s no time to take care of anything else than booking.

Tell us a story. Tough-guy bar shot stories are great: snort some salt, drink the tequila and get the lemon squeezed in your eye. I’ll let you imagine the rest of the night.

Best thing about being a rep: We have the chance to meet great people, and we’re always in stimulated environments.

Worst: Internet business and cross-border shipping.

How did you become a rep? Passion for snowboarding and fashion.

How long have you been a rep? 15 years.

What is the worst job you’ve ever had and why? Dishwashing in a restaurant. The reason is self-explanatory.

What is your biggest concern with the industry in Canada? The Canadian dollar losing momentum on the U.S. currency. We don’t have rules, legislation on discount periods, or price fixing on product.