When Algonquin Outfitters first opened its doors a half-century ago, it served as a canoe rental and gear outfitter to visitors of the famous nearby park of the same name.  While they remained that way for the better part of three decades, marketing director Randy Mitson says they’ve come along way to reach their 50-year milestone.  “That’s still the heart and core of our business,” he says.  “But all of our stores aren’t the same.  We look at what’s missing in the area and add that.  It’s really determined by the community.”

AO now has 10 stores, with two seasonal locations at local ski hills and a summer paddle-up shop.  Catering to a diversity of customers, from snowboarders and surfers to campers and kayakers, they’ve established themselves as a one-stop outdoor adventure shop.

To celebrate 50, AO is giving back in a big way: they’ve distributed a coupon booklet with over $900 in savings on everything from bike rentals to wakeboard lessons.  They teamed u with The Roots, Ontario’s amateur wakeboard and wakeskate series, for the Algonquin Outfitters Open in July. And last but not least, there’s the Live Your Adventure Contest with over $10,00 in prizes up for grabs.  The winner gets to pick a sporting prize pack of choice.