Arbor Collective and Ultimate Distribution have announced a change in their sales model. Moving forward Arbor Snowboards will be sold through a direct model while Arbor Skateboards and apparel will continue to be available through Ultimate Distribution. Press Release Below:


The Arbor Collective and its long time partner in Canada, Ultimate Distribution, have changed the way in which they work together. The ARBOR SNOWBOARD program is now coming direct to Canada from the brand’s HQ in California. This move will create more seasonal support for Arbor Snowboard’s dealers in Canada. At the same time, Ultimate Distribution will continue to manage the ongoing year-around distribution of ARBOR SKATEBOARDS and ARBOR APPAREL.

 Arbor Snowboards will be shipping all orders, including pre-books, direct to dealers. Production of the 14/15 Arbor snowboard collection is well underway, and orders are in line to be delivered very much on time and complete.

 Arbor Snowboard’s Sales Manager, Ryan Turley (, will be taking over the management of our snowboard sales rep force in Canada. Arbor Snowboard’s Marketing Manager, Sean Black (, will be taking over all team efforts and communication with the snowboard media. Arbor Snowboards will be connecting with our retail and media partners in Canada over the next few weeks. Dealers can expect updated order confirmations shortly.

 For any Arbor Skateboard inquiries, please contact Steve Sandve

“I want to thank Ultimate Distribution for years of dedication and hard work building the larger Arbor brand and our continuing partnership in Canada,” said Bob Carlson, The Arbor Collective’s CEO and Founder. “We appreciate their shared thinking on how best to distribute and service each of our three product categories to Arbor dealers in Canada.