VENICE, CA – JUNE 16, 2017 – The Arbor Collective is proud to announce that it has selected Absolute Board Co. as its new partner for the Arbor Skateboards program.  Absolute will manage production, sales, and all aspects of distribution globally.  As is custom for the Brand, the Arbor Collective will remain independent and in place to guide product development, design, and marketing from its headquarters in Venice, CA.  Absolute will formally take over the program and deliveries on September 2nd.
“I am impressed with Absolute’s vision for the future,” said Bob Carlson, The Arbor Collective’s Founder and CEO.  “They have created an exciting plan for developing and distributing a house of brands, utilizing the significant global infrastructure that was built for their current lineup.  Arbor Skateboards is a great fit.”
Absolute will manage the distribution of Arbor Skateboards through its office/warehouse facilities in Australia, the UK, and the US.  The company plans to continue using the Arbor Collective’s sales reps in the US and Canada, and is discussing with Arbor’s current international distributors where they might fit into a revamped distribution network.
“Arbor is an amazing addition to our lineup,” said Frank Messmann, Absolute’s CEO.  “Arbor does not compete with our other brands, and we can quickly improve distribution, delivery, and product availability; all while making Arbor more competitive around the globe.”
Arbor’s current partner, Bravo Sector 9 will continue to run the program through September 1st.  This interim period provides Arbor and Absolute the time needed to make the transition as seamless as possible for Arbor dealers.  Specifically, it gives Absolute time to communicate with accounts about the coming changes; and to build the necessary inventory for September/Holiday deliveries.
“I want to thank the Sector 9 family, past and present, for years of friendship and shared success,” said Bob Carlson.  “We wish the current crew all the best, as you build what will be a great next chapter.”
It is important to note all phone lines for Arbor Skateboards, as well as the company’s website and social media platforms, will stay the same.  Arbor Skateboards’ partnership with Paris Trucks will also remain in place as an important part of Arbor’s Complete Skateboard offering.
About The Arbor Collective – The Arbor Collective was launched in 1995 to create snowboarding, skateboarding, and apparel products.  Rider performance, commitment to craftsmanship, and consideration of the environment in all things remain Arbor’s foundation.
About Absolute Board Co. – Founded in 1998 by Ben Mackay, Absolute Board Co. distributes some of the most authentic brands in the industry, including Penny Skateboards and Z-Flex Skateboards.  Absolute services dealers in over sixty countries, with office and production facilities in Australia, UK, USA, China, and Taiwan.