Some sad news from Body Glove, we just heard that co-founder Bob Meistrell has passed away just shy of his 85th birthday. Meistrell suffered a heart attack while attempting to repair the engines on his motorboat.

Bob and his twin brother Bill, who passed away in 2006, helped to create the “Surf Culture,” which changed the world, beginning with their designing, manufacturing and selling of the first commercially viable neoprene wetsuits. Bob and Bill are two of only three watermen to be inducted into the Surfers and Divers Hall of Fame. This year Body Glove International celebrates its 60 Year Anniversary, and Bob and Bill’s presence will be deeply missed. Even though they are gone, their stories and adventures will live on in a book “Fits Like a Glove” that will be released Fall 2013. Bob and his brother Bill, will always be remembered as true waterman, honest businessmen, loving fathers, and overall legends.

He lived his motto, ‘Do what you love, love what you do.”