YOBEAT reported that Burton is doing some major reconstruction over the next year. One of the biggest changes being that they are dropping the Program. The Program consists of Forum Snowboards, Special Blend and Foursquare. It was purchased up by Burton back in 2004 with the intent to keep snowboard companies in the hands of snowboarders. Burton has supported these brands for eight years and will continue to support them over the next year through warranty service, dealer support, marketing and inventory.

They also announced that over the next year, Analog will return to its roots of being a pure snowboarding brand based at its original home in Burlington, Vermont. Analog has a deep heritage in snowboarding and as such, will revert back to being a winter-only brand.

Gravis brand will eventually move its headquarters to Tokyo, Japan and moving forward will be solely distributed in Asian markets selling lifestyle shoes and bags. Gravis was established in 1998 as the company’s first independent lifestyle brand, and since then, Asia has been by far its most successful region. As a result, Gravis will now focus purely on this market and opportunity.


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