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What is your company?

Troy Lee Designs Canada, and Pacesports Marketing & Distribution. We provide a modern solution to traditional distribution in the Canadian Market. Our services range from full service distribution and marketing, to 3rd Party warehousing and logistics.


What brands to you represent?

Troy Lee Designs, Hart & Huntington, TSG, ODI, and Asterisk. Within Troy Lee Designs we also have some great co-branded collections including Adidas, Oakley, Skullcandy, Fender Guitars, and Steve McQueen products.  All of the brands we work with have a story and history behind them.

We recently also acquired TSG for Canada, and it has been a great addition to the Pacesports portfolio. TSG has been making great product for years, and are one of the brands at the forefront of product development in the skate, snow, and bike markets.  


What are your stronger selling features when shopping your company?

 We offer only a premium product and experience. We fully stand behind our dealers and product. We control and limit our distribution, and give our independent retailers the tools to compete with our largest retailers. Period.


What can we expect to see for 2012?

Big announcements on the brand side shortly! On the business side, construction has started, and we will be in a new building August 2012. We are essentially doubling our current warehouse, offices, and staff this year.


What are some of the challenges vendors face and how can you help with this?

For a variety of reasons everybody is being squeezed, especially independent retailers and traditional distribution. Everything from, cotton fluctuation, weather patterns, duty variances, US currency, financing, fast fashion, lack of current inventory, surplus of non-current inventory, and the list goes on….

We truly view our retailers as long term partners. We strive to be over fair, and follow through on our promises. Retailers are tired of being told the 1/2 truth by many brands, and this has created a substantial growth and opportunity for us. In the last 4 years, so many brands were trying to figure out how to justify and navigate another retailer vertical, instead of working with and growing their existing partners. Retailers we currently see doing well are working with unique brands that stay true to their traditional retailers. Loyalty from the brand to retailers is key.


In Canada, we’ve made a commitment to our retailers, and are opening limited new doors with Troy Lee Designs, as we want to be able to service our existing retailers. This has been Troy Lee Designs global focus for over 31 years. I believe that speaks volume to our customers and the integrity of the brand.


A last note on your Company?

“We are athletes, we are spectators. We are artists, designers, and dreamers. We define the future by referring to the past. We don’t follow trends, we create them. We have ideas, vision, and passion. We take chances. We win, lose, and sometimes DNF. We play it safe, we break the rules.”

The passion we have for our industry is unlike any other.


What is the Best contact for a vendor or retailers looking to work with you?

We have a great team of Outside Sales Agencies and Customer Service Staff across Canada!  For more information please visit www.pacesports.ca, or contact: