His goal is simple. Showcase quality skiing as it happens, not next year, for free.


Hey man, long time no talk. How have ya been?

Been real good. Up in Revelstoke right now and it’s been snowing and conditions are good so all is well.

Why Revelstoke?

Revy because it’s sick up here. Came up last year for a while and got into some insane new zones when it was shitty and barely scratched the surface. So much terrain and big shit to get into. Figured with a good snow year like the one we’re having so far this year it would be a good place to come post up for the month. Been here a week and have another three for the spot we’re in now, and if it’s good then we’ll stay longer. Been searching for pillows and shit to jump off of.

Before here we were in mammoth for most of December just kinda warming up and getting our feet back under us. Then Cooke City, MT over New Years.

Who are you spending your days with?

The Big picture crew. My brother Sean doing all of the behind the lens work, Parker, Duncan Adams. Rainville and Adam Delorme were hangin’ for a bit. And Oliver Garbage Bear” Chornous and Jordan Clarke have been kickin’ it with us up here for the past little bit.

What’s it like living and working with that crew?

It’s basically just a big family/group of homies. All the same people I hang with even when we’re not shredding so it’s really what I’m used to, we just go skiing together now that it’s winter.

Usually early mornings, wake up and meet at the shell to fuel up trucks n sleds n grease up the boilers with some Timmy Ho’s honey dips n crullers. Then head to the trailhead and go find a zone to shred on our skis n sleds. Spend the day out there filming and fucking around and roll back down usually in the dark.

Come back to the spot and chef up a big crew dinner that usually includes some elk, antelope, or venison that Parker and our buddy Taylor Brown shot in the fall. Most of the time it’s a form of Mexican all wrapped up in a tortilla. A couple of beers then bed and do it all over again the next day.

Downday, which doesn’t come that often is pretty mellow. Sleep in and relax. Maybe try to find a hot tub in the area and catch up on some emails and real life stuff.

Let’s talk The Big Picture. Tell us a bit about the new project.

The new project includes some behind the scenes episodes throughout the season to show a bit more personality or life of a couple of idiots and two longer “mini movie” edits of all the best skiing from our season. We decided to switch it up a bit to try and keep things a bit different. Not the exact same for our third season. Gotta mix it up ya know. Keep em guessin’. Keep shit fresh.

We dig it. In case you haven’t already, make sure to check out the first episode below.

What goes into making a mini movie?

For sure a lot of time. Traveling around, searching zones, waiting on snow, trying your best not to suck at skiing and landing tricks once those conditions are good. Money without a doubt. None of this would be possible whatsoever without financial support. Places to stay, lots of gas and oil, parts when your sled shits the bed, food, film equipment, having a full-time filmer/editor.

All of this stuff ain’t free. So huge thanks to those who make this possible – Rossignol, Electric, Tomahawk International, Tall T productions, Bombsnow magazine, Cheetah Factory Racing.

Are you planning on linking up with anyone else this winter?

We kinda have our crew that we run and keep it consistent with for the most part. A couple of different guest appearances throughout the season. Cross paths with a handful of buddies when they’re free. But it’s usually the same handful of homies. When everyone is on the same page things tend to run a little smoother.


Time for some quick hits.

Favourite beer? Modelo.

Favourite cocktail? Moscow mule.

Favourite hockey team? Flames because it’s a buddy’s favourite, but I’m a football guy. NY Jets all day.

Favourite street skier? Phil Casabon / Mike Hornbeck.

Favourite park skier? Henrik Harlaut when he’s skiing park.

What gets you fired up in the morning? ASAP n Young Jeezy.

What comes to mind when you think of Canada? Awesome skiing, Caesars, and Todd Williamson.

What comes to mind when you think of SBC Skier? You.

Best Canadian resort? Whistler.

Best Canadian cat or heli op? Retallack.

Best Canadian skier? JP Auclair.

Best Canadian? Karl the Gnarl.

Worst Canadian? Justin Bieber.

Worst Canadian company? No comment.


That’s it folks! We’ll be catching up with Logan’s partner in crime, Parker White, in the coming months. And as always, we’ll have the latest episode of The Big Picture on www.sbcskier.com as soon as it’s live.

Interview by SBC Skier editor and photo editor Jason Mousseau.

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