REP 411

Dan Anderson


Agency name: Kingpin Agency


Brands: Vans, Capita Snowboards, Union Bindings, Coal Headwear, and Airblaster


Territory: Alberta, Prairies and East Kootenays


PK’s per year: 40ish


Selling Seasons per year: Non-stop


Longest distance between Shops: Outdoor Authority La Crete Alberta to 204 Skate Shop Selkirk Manitoba. It’s a mellow 2024 kms


Most remote account: Outdoor Authority La Crete


Rep vehicle: 2010 Toyota Tacoma


Mileage: 190,000 kms


Favorite road grub: Any burrito


Best way to kill time on the road: Phone Calls (Hands free of course)


All-time highway tunes: Highway to Hell AC/DC… and thank you Howard Stern for satellite radio.


Best job Perk: Traveling to different accounts and attending sales meetings. It’s always good to see friends and visit different places.


Favorite place work has taken you: Lake Como Italy, and Government Camp Oregon. These are two amazing places with great pace of life.


The most common question you are asked by retailers: How are all you’re other shops doing this season?


Do you loose or gain weight during selling season: It’s a rollercoaster for sure, it’s usually do to poor diet and spare time.


Best thing about being a rep: The People


Worst: The Schedule


How did you become a rep: Helping out an established rep and developing relationships.


How long have you been a rep: Creeping on 12 years.


What is the worst job you’ve ever had and why: Landscaping foreman…Total lack of qualification.


What is your biggest concern with the industry in Canada: My biggest concern is the increasing interest from international retailers who see our relatively strong economy as a good sign to move on into town. The thing they forget is the population and participation levels are fractional at best compared to the land from whence they came. The pie in our industry is being sliced into by more hands than it can handle meaning somebody is likely going to loose their piece.