San Clemente, CA (Nov. 19, 2014) – Dragon Alliance is proud to announce another innovation in goggle technology. Through a partnership with Transitions Optical, Inc. Dragon’s flaghsip snow goggles-the 2015 Advanced Projects X (APX) and Advanced Projects Xs (APXs) will now feature Transitions® self-adjusting lenses.

“This goggle is a game changer!” says 2014 Rider of the Year and Dragon teamster Gigi Rüf. “The fact that I never have to change my lens, no matter what the light conditions are, is incredible. It means I will spend less time worrying about my equipment and more time focused on what is truly important, the act of snowboarding.”

Transitions® lenses automatically change tints in response to changing sunlight and weather conditions, eliminating the need to swap goggles or change lenses. Adding Transitions® lenses to our APX and APXs goggles makes these flagship Dragon frames even more advanced. Color optimized to improve visual performance, the Dragon Transitions® lens enhances contrast and increases depth perception.

With a broad visible light transmission range, the lens automatically darkens to a dark gray in bright sunlight and lightens to a contrast enhancing yellow in overcast weather. The spherical injection-molded polycarbonate lens delivers unsurpassed peripheral vision. The integrated dual lens design is backed a super anti-fog formula for increased visibility. Specifically formulated for snow conditions, the Transitions® goggle lens also blocks 100% of harmful UV rays.

Dragon’s Advanced Projects X (APX) and Advanced Projects Xs (APXs) snow goggles, featuring Transitions® lenses are available now at fine retailers nationwide. For more sales information visit www.DragonAlliance.Com or call us at 800-995-0008.