Mike Vallely’s skateboard brand, Elephant Skateboards will be moving to Select Distribution from Resource Distribution. The will continue to be available exclusivly through Ultimate distribution in Canada.


August 12, 2014 – COSTA MESA, CA – As of Aug 12, 2014, Resource Distribution will no longer continue to manufacture or distribute Elephant Brand Skateboards. After careful consideration, Resource has decided to sell its portion of the brand to Select Distribution. Select Distribution will be solely responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of Elephant Skateboards. Resource feels this is the best move in regards to the future success of Elephant Skateboards, recognizing the long and tenured history Select Distribution has achieved and accomplished over the many years it has been in business. Mike Vallely will still remain as an active owner/partner for Elephant Skateboards, working closely with the team and different projects that Elephant has planned for the remainder of 2014 and beyond.
“I feel good about this transition with Elephant Skateboards and Select Distribution,” says Joey Pulsifer, owner and President of Resource Distribution. “It is a good opportunity for both sides and allows us to focus more on the core root of our other brands like Paris Trucks, Riviera Longboards, Divine Wheels, Timeship Racing, Project Hardware, and Five Mile Skateboards, all of which have experienced immense growth in the last 3 years. We want to thank all of the great supporters of Elephant and Mike V, including the skaters and the shops that have been behind the brand since day one. It means a lot and I wish continued success for Mike V, the team, and Elephant.”
Says Mike V: “I’m excited to be working with Brad Dorfman and Select Distribution to continue to grow the Elephant Skateboards brand and the Elephant Army. I believe Select will help the Elephant Brand reach it’s full potential. I want to thank everyone at Resource Distribution for supporting the brand in its infant stages and in helping me to realize my initial vision for Elephant, it is truly appreciated.”

“We are excited about having the Elephant Brand as part of our family. I look forward to working with Mike V and his team riders to grow the brand,” says Brad Dorfman, owner of Select Distribution.