As a mom from a small prairie town, Donelda McCoy spent several years driving her teenage son and his friends to skateshops and contests across Canada.  After logging countless miles on her car, she decided to take a stand. “Back in the day, there was Slam City Jam and all that stuff,” McCoy says. “For us to do our shopping we had to drive to either Edmonton or Saskatoon – like, two and half hours one way or the other – just to buy boards and skateboard shoes.  So, I just made a career move and it was like, OK, we need a skateshop in Lloydminster, so let’s do it.”

Freeflow opened its doors a decade ago in the Alberta/ Saskatchewan border city.  Since then, they’ve hosted many events, including annual kid’s day lessons and longboard rallies.  But over the past year their staff, team riders, families and friends have all come together to collect cans, sell 50/50 draw tickets and hold bingo games in support of their city’s new skatepark.  When asked if any pros have dropped by over the past decade, McCoy simply laughs: “Our skateboard park sucked for so many years that nobody ever stopped here.”  Here’s to hoping all their hard work pays off.