Canadian flash sale website, will appear on the up-coming season of the CBC hit, Dragon’s Den. GoGear founders Aaron Müller and Rich Vigurs, as well as CFO Matt Richmond, will be appearing. Results of their appearance must remain under wraps, but an outdoor-themed interactive presentation is definitely in the works.

“We are very excited to appear on Dragon’s Den,” said CEO Aaron Müller. “We’ve had some great growth and the kind of support and exposure this opportunity can bring will help take us to the next level.”’s plans for any funding raised are to pour it into marketing and customer acquisition. Says Müller, “We’ve proven we can move gear and the model is definitely profitable with enough volume. We’ve also proven we can attract and acquire new members at a reasonable cost. Where the challenge comes in is that new members aren’t typically profitable until 1-3 months into their lifecycle, so we’re looking to take this step so we can dramatically accelerate the process.”

When asked about their place in the outdoor gear market, Müller says they are in an interesting position, “Our value to the manufacturers in helping clear excess inventory is obvious. The value to customers is also obvious when you look at our pricing. Also, although we’ve had some concerns from retailers, we are actually doing them a service in helping move this gear through our distributed membership. Rather than having discounted gear pop up in large quantities in brick and mortar discount stores, our national reach ensures that the impact of these exclusive sales is extremely minimal for any one location or individual retailer.”