Home watches has just put Arto Saari on the team. The small European brand has been making a splash in North America offering a Swiss made higher end watch option to the skate/snow retailer. 

Home watches proudly welcomes Arto Saari as the first skateboarder on the team. Arto joins snowboarders Gigi Rüf, Mark Sollors and Travis Rice as a key part of the hOme family and ambassador in the world of concrete !

2001 Skater of the Year, Arto Saari left home (Finland) as a young Viking teenager after destroying the 1998 Lausanne Grand Prix and the string of European competitions that followed that summer to make it as a pro skater with nothing more than a mean bag of tricks and about three English words in his repertoire. Since then, Arto has made his home in Los Angeles and built a career as one of the most revered pro skaters alive.

Now evolving into an accomplished photographer (www.artosaari.com), it is rare to encounter Arto without a Leica in his hands and a Flip Skateboard under his feet. Though Arto calls L.A. home, he brought a little bit of Finland with him. If you are ever so lucky to skate his backyard pool, home to some of the most legendary skate sessions of the new millen- nium, ask him for a taste of some reindeer, Finnish mustard and chocolate. If you have the bravado in you, take a sauna with Arto as well but don’t let him drop 3 cups of water on the steamer right away or you will be in for a real surprise.
No bathing suit needed…this Handsome Man Sauna Club does it Finnish style sans clothes.