The winter 2012 issue of SBC Business is now available. We worked our asses off on this one. It is jammed with useful information, industry news, interesting interviews and lots of other things that will make your day seem like the sun is raining flowers and jelly beans.


In this issue:


The Art Of Flight

Making dollars and sense of the most expensive snowboard film ever made.



Is Freeskiing Killing Snowboarding?

We go deep and look into the changing demographic on ski hills and in retail stores.



The Shop Survey

We called 135 stores across Canada and interviewed them about what is hot for fall 2012.




A Shop’s Guide To Savvy Social Media

Wondering what to do with your Facebook account? We’ll tell you!



Reinventing the Wheel

Has JF Pelchat and NOW bindings changed the snowboard world?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can pick up a copy of SBC Business at the following locations or contact to receive a copy at your workplace.


Five and Dime

January 10-11

Polson Pier, Toronto Ontario



January 18-20

Vancouver Convention Centre



January 26-29

Colorado Convention Centre, Denver CO