After a trial launch this past spring, the Gatineau based apparel brand Jolt Lifestyle is off to a strong start. Catering to the snow, skate, wake and motocross markets, Jolt aims to provide a fresh look to consumers. Headed up by owner Matt Dubois, the start-up lifestyle brand has been in works for many years. “Starting a clothing line has been a dream of mine since I first got into the snowboard scene … Growing up in this industry you see so many styles come and go and I have always wanted to throw my own style into it. I always felt the need to customize things my own way.” 

          Jolt’s current collection of men’s graphic t-shirts is available in their online store and at Quebec retailers Fokus and En Équilibre. Moving forward, Dubois plans to launch four collections a year, bring a distributor on board and hire sales reps. With a fully stacked team already in place, Jolt has covered all their bases from snow, wake and ski, to motocross and ATV.

          Dubois’ confident his lifelong passion for snowboarding will provide a competitive edge in the retail world. “Anyone that works with us cares for the sport as much as myself. We all ride everyday possible. I’m on the mountain everyday building the local park at Edelweiss Valley, so we are in touch with how things are changing and what people want. We are not just some dudes that sit in an office and design without really knowing the sport. We are part of it.” At only 24-years old, Dubois remains open minded about the industry and is always searching for the next trends. “I always knew that I wanted Jolt Lifestyle to be my own line. I want our clothing to reflect my vision of the industry, designed for people that have a love for the sport and a passion to see it grow.” As for their involvement with motocross, he says that’s what makes the brand their own. For more info visit