REP 411
Katerie Fiset

Agency name
Tiger Distribution

WeSC, Brixton & VSTR

Eastern Canada

PK’s per year
I don’t do PK’s with softgoods. Lucky me.

Selling Seasons per year
Four seasons per year for each brand

Longest distance between Shops
It’s probably the distance between Ballistic in NFLF and Axis in Val D’Or. It’s roughly 2543 klms.

Most remote account
Ballistic in Saint Johns Newfoundland.

Rep vehicle
Volkswagen Golf TDI Wagon

60 000 km in two years

Favorite road grub
McDonald’s is always the easiest way to get it done fast!

All-time highway tunes
Wham or Aldo Nova, depending on my mood.

Best job Perk
Seasonal Wardrobes

Favorite place work has taken you and why
Our WeSC meeting in Stockholm Sweden for our Spring 12 sales meeting. It’s one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen, full of gorgeous people.

Do you loose or gain weight during selling season
I Loose weight, because I never find the time to eat.

Best thing about being a rep
Meeting likeminded people who like to work together. When my accounts are stoked, I’m so stoked too.

Steaming samples.

How did you become a rep
I studied in Fashion Marketing at University, but it’s more from work experience that I’m a rep now. Since 17 I’ve worked in this industry. I used to be a buyer, and worked in retail for many years at Empire Sports. My first rep job was at Agence Jon H Genier for Obey Clothing. At that agency, Jon taught all I had to know about this industry and gave me amazing tools. He’s known for being one of the best rep trainers, huge thanks Jon!
Now, I’m working with the fabulous Tiger Family.

How long have you been a rep
I have been a rep for around four years now.

What is the worst job you’ve ever had  
I was 16; I used to work at night at a Tim Horntons next to my place. I hated it and that’s pretty much all I have to say about that.

What is your biggest concern with the industry in Canada
The well being of all my accounts. The industry is more challenging today than it’s ever been.

Do females have an equal playing field to men in this industry
I think we do. Being a Woman is why I had amazing chances in my life and that is also why I’m working in this industry. It is full of talented women creating both great businesses and business.
Sometimes it feels like a boys club, but I always felt like I had an all access pass.