Step aside: Monster, Red Bull, Rock Star, Amp, Nos, Full Trottle, VPX, Xyience, 5 hour Energy, 6 Hour Power, Beaver Buzz, Jolt, Tweaker, Street King, Rip It, Propel, Zip Fizz, Splash, Ecodrink, Kool-Aid and many many other. Kelly Slater has started his own energy drink brand called Purps.

Slater with the help of RVCA founder PM Tenore and Dr. Chris Schaumburg has created an alternative to “high sugar, low nutrient” options available in the market today. Purps is full of things that your body needs like: mangosteen, maqui berry, blackberry, grape, blueberry and acai berry. The product is 100% organic and contains no GMOs.

The new brand is rumored to be under the Kering umbrella. The same parent company to brands like Gucci, Electric and Volcom.