This is not a comprehensive recap of Know Show. This is just a recap from someone wondering around with a camera in hand and mostly just skateboarding on the brain. Here’s some of what you can expect to see from your favourite brands in the latter half of 2014.

Ekumenik booth was right up front and looking nice.

It’s hard to top the Supra Distribution board wall. Check out Beavis and Butthead from Chocolate in the top left corner. Cease and desist pending?

You’ll have your mind blown when you see the video of how these Alien Workshop graphics are made.

Supra Distribution hat well, lots of good ones from Girl and Chocolate.

The Lakai Owen.

Grantihero and Antihero.

adidas skateboarding x Street Machine shop.

adidas skateboarding Lucas Puig.

All kinds of goods from adidas skateboarding.

Moses Itkonen of Centre Distribution and some Star Wars homies, ringing in a new collaboration with Santa Cruz.

New from Threat and Slave. Forrest Edwards is pro, in case you didn’t know.

Josh Anderson from Centre Distribution, showing off a Creature blanket/cape.

The Fallen Easy from Slash.

40s and Shorties over at Mehrathon Distribution.

Good stuff at Mehrathon from Deathwish, Baker, Heroin, and Zoo York. The good guys here let kids pillage their boardwall at the end of the show.

The Emerica Westgate.

The updated Leo Laced from Emerica.

Stance had a huge and rad offering off socks.

The Etnies Ryan Shecklet Marana in a variety of classic colours.

The outline of a Don Pendleton piece. He painted three canvases over two days at the show.

The artist himself at work.

One of the finished Don Pendleton pieces.

Centre and Fortune Sound Club held a photo show for the release of Jody Morris’s new book, featuring 20 plus years of skateboard photography.

Amazing photos all over the walls, featuring the likes of Jamie Thomas, Jason Lee, Colin McKay, and many more.

Matt Hensley slides while PJ Ladd sets up.

A personal favourite, Moses Itkonen taking one frontside at the Big O.

Syd Clark of Menu Skateshop keeping the music flowing.

Wade Fyfe showing the new Huf line.

New style from Huf.

The new Hufnagel pro.

The much anticipated Dylan Rieder pro model.

Over at Vans, the AVE Native shoe.

The Gilbert Crockett pro model.

A line-up of Chima Ferguson pro models.

Wes Loates goes through the new Converse offering.


Rick McCrank was there to hang and Chris Nicholls was there showing his new Abstract Method line.

Sitka showed their latest video, Strange Things Done Under the Midnight Sun, at the SBC (no relation) Restaurant and Ramp one evening. Locals were ripping the ramp the whole time.

That’s some rugged pool coping to be Frontside Grind through and off.

The crowd hydrates and mills about.

Lifetime held a show at their Little Mountain Workshop to release their new Free Thinkers ‘zine. ‘Twas a foggy evening on the mountain.

And that’s where we leave you, with Banquets on the floor and homie in the green room.