Knowshow summer 2012 has drawn to an end. We walked the isles and found some smiles. Lets reflect of the show give ourselves a big hug.

Tony Lefroy, BC rep for Coal Headwear shows us their new line with a smile on his face.

Team Hurley, Garret Haylako and Jay Neilson show off some new shorts.

RDS made a pillow!

 Vans rep Stefan Goulet attempts to upsell while retailers talk on phone…news at 11.

Crooks & Castles rep Jason Flynn has a mustache and a shaved head.

Steve Sandve, from Sector 9’s Canadian sales team shows off some new technology that will have longboarders growing chubbys.

Raj Mehra from Mehrathon Tradingwas in attendace.

Beer colab graphics and skateboarding go together like beer and skateboarding…wonderfully. Here we soo some new products coming out of Centre Distribution.

We were told many people picked up the Hustler Lingerie catalogue but that might not necessarily translate into sales.

Brett Sanford of The Source in Alberta looks over his shoulder while Obey rep Zoe Ludwig explains the China cotton crisis.

Ben Couves from OB1 shows the Penfiled line.

Sunglasses made of wood called Shwood.

This is Sitka’s wave!

The Roxy booth was packed.

Mike Strato from Vans hands out tickets to the Bones Brigade Documentary. Sean Miller excepts the tickets. They move on.

No Limits employee John Brabins shows off the new boot from Sanuk. It’s not a shoe…it’s a boot.

Sid Clark (left), owner of Menu Skate Shop in Vancouver gets close with glowing marketing coordinator at DC, Trevn Sharp.

Team Wick Winder left to right Scott Murrey, Sean Bye and Brad Richmond enjoying free mini burgers…mmm mini burgers.

Those Inglorious Bastards, Dez from My Package and Miukev Scott from Herschel Supply.

Branding baron Jon Gara (left) and Mehrathon Trading’s Sam Perault are both from Montreal. You see, this is totally a national show.

Lots of new and exciting styles over at Dragon.

Chris Nicoles and Elliote Heitzman from Circa.

Such and such from something or other.

Timb Bomb Trading’s Judah Oaks with Kitch Skateboards pro, Stacy Gabriel.

Instance socks Wu-Tang model, now life is complete.

Fjall Raven has an impressive line for spring 2013 including the Kanken backpack.

Adam Williston from Skullcandy Canada shows us the new cassette headphones.

Ryan Tarron from RVCA grabs his crotch.

From left to right: Show organizer Perry Pugh, Lifetime’s Mike Wilson and Wick Winder’s Steve Day.