Lifetime Collective has released a new division for fall 2012. Uniform Standard is a branch off of the Lifetime name focusing on basics and catering to the core consumer. We first saw the offering at Knowshow January 2012. The product looks promising and proves that Lifetime is a serious contender in the domestic and international markets.

Uniform Standard by Lifetime dances to the beat of it’s own drummer. The collection is a youthful self expression, inspired by it’s true beginnings and roots. It is through art, skateboarding, snowboarding, music, photography, free thinking and love of life that this picture is painted. It’s about living life and getting lost in it. Uniform Standard brings together each individual thread into a fabric that makes up a collective of creative and inspiring thoughts and ideas.


Lifetime | Uniform Standard Fall/Winter 2012 from Lifetime Collective on Vimeo.