It’s our favourite time of year. Not because it’s Christmas, but because we got our hands on this year’s Mehrathon Mixtape. We’ve got a few to give away, too. So head over to our facebook page to enter.

The Mehrathon Mixtape Volume 5 is a double CD collection of influential skateboard music from the 70’s and 80’s.

Assembled by DJ Cosmo, the mixtape aims at taking listeners back to an underground time in skateboarding and Heavy Metal music, where Leather Pants and Face makeup were the norm.

With interviews and shout-outs from yesterdays OGs and todays skateboard rippers, this is a Must-Listen-To.

Featuring: Erik Ellington, NUGE, Figgy, Nick Tucker, Steezus Christ, Benny Gold, Shrewgy, David Loy, Alphonzo Rawls, Andy Netkin, Dan Rogers and so many more…


Download here

Download here