Thanks to online auctions and social media, vintage snowboards are making their way from the dusty garages of the world, and into the hands of serious collectors, fetching big money in the process.

Most end up on display, as party favours and conversation pieces, pampered and coddled, but if you want to actually ride your newly acquired piece of nostalgia, typically you’re out of luck.

Dave Billinghurst, a former marketing and team manager for K2, and his partner Bob Carrasca, former K2 binding engineer and product manager have an answer for that, the Vintage Snowboard Plate, or V Plate for short.

The CNC machined plastic plate, features hole patterns to match with most vintage boards, and allow you to mount nearly any current binding.

Although the deadline has passed for the first round of orders, it’s a safe bet with the growing number of vintage boards surfacing, Billinghurst and Carrasca will be keeping busy.

They cost about $150 a pair and you can find out more on their Facebook page.