Photo: Shane Hutton

What’s your job, and have long have you been at it?
I’m the Canadian Marketing Manager at Quiksilver, Roxy and DC Shoes. I’ve been with Quik for seven years, and marketing manager for five.

What is the goal of a marketing manager?
My main goal is to execute our global marketing strategies on a regional level within Canada. And just really support our retail partners with seasonal campaigns that help drive sell-through and performance. And also build brand awareness in Canada through our media partners, public relations, sponsorships and events.

What’s a typical day in the life for you?
You know, every day is totally different. I spend a lot of time working directly with our wholesale accounts, but I also spend a lot of time working with our corporate partners. So one day I might be working on PR requests, or managing media buys, so everyday is really different, but it’s usually very busy.

How did you go about getting this job?
I graduated university with a degree in Business and a major in Marketing, and I knew I wanted to work in action sports. So I applied for a sales operations role at Quiksilver at the head office in Vancouver. I didn’t know much about logistics, but I wanted to get my foot in the door. I worked in that role for a few months until a retail marketing job came up. And not long after that, I moved into a Marketing Manager Role for Roxy, and then earlier this year I became marketing manager for Quiksilver, Roxy and DC, our three house brands.

What are the soft and hard skills needed to succeed at this job?
I think it’s important to really love this industry. And to keep ahead of what’s trending. But in terms of everyday business, it’s important to stay motivated and organized, and just to be really confident in your decision making. Being a manager means having to sometimes make really tough decisions, and at the end of the day you need to be able to do what’s right for the brand, and what’s right for the business. I think it’s important to have some retail experience, customer service experience, and any experience working in the field, whether that be in events, or in sponsorships and promotions.

What are the rewarding aspects of your job?
Traveling across Canada and meeting so many great accounts, and the rep force and athletes. I still feel I get star-struck when I meet certain athletes that I grew up idolizing. Growing up, you look up to these people, and hope to someday either make it as a pro, or have the chance to meet them, and sometimes when you are shaking their hands you’re reminded that these guys are such huge influencers. Yeah, it’s cool.

What are the challenges and frustrations?
Well, there’s always so much to do, so I feel the long hours can be tough. And sometimes you have to travel for weeks at a time. But on the upside of that, it’s really rewarding knowing that you’re working on something you’re excited about, or seeing an idea come to life.

How has the industry changed over the years, and how has that affected your job?
I think one of the biggest changes is consumer buying behaviour. If you think about it, we grew up making our purchases in malls and shops, and I think today consumers are making purchasing decision in the digital environment. So even above making purchases online, people may be deciding to buy something based on what they’ve seen on an Instagram post. So even a few years ago, when we’d launch a campaign in a store, you’d have a window banner, and maybe print some POP, but now campaigns have moved beyond the store and live digitally on websites and social media platforms. So in marketing, you’re looking at providing more digital content, that can be used and repurposed for your retailers.

Words of advice for someone trying to get into your line of work:
Network, and try to get an internship and volunteer where you can. It’s a free way to learn the ropes, get some experience and meet people. Coming out of university, you might have and academic foundation, but it’s really important to get your hands dirty, talk to the right people and put it out there that you’re motivated and interested in this line of work.

When you were five what did you want to be when you grew up?
I feel like I wanted to be a teacher. Either a teacher or an artist.