REP 411

Pat Laurendeau


Agency name: Supra Distribution

 Brands: Girl, Chocolate, Royal, Real, Anti-Hero, Krooked, Thunder, Venture, Spitfire, Alien Workshop, Habitat, Reflex, Quiet Life, Palace, Lakai, DVS, Diamond Footwear, Matix, Fourstar

 Territory: Quebec and Maritimes

 PK’s per year: Never the same

 Selling Seasons per year: Four, plus quickstrikes and in-stock sales.

 Most remote account: Ballistic in St. Johns NFLD 2538 km

 Rep vehicle: 2003 Subaru WRX STI

 Mileage: A lot

 Best way to kill time on the road: Texting and emailing with only one hand on the steering wheel without looking at the road pretty much the best way to kill your lifetime.

 All-time highway tunes: Shade 45 or Hip-Hop Nation

 Best job Perk: Skateboarding! I don’t think I have to explain why.

 Favorite place work has taken you: Girl’s office because they have their own indoor skatepark, everyone skates and everyone loves their job, you can feel it.

 The most common questions you are asked by retailers: What’s the discount?

 Do you lose or gain weight during selling season: Same weight for the last five years. Skateboarding keeps me in shape.

 Tell us a story: In September 2013 we had a really nice time with my friend Justin and the DVS team at the Lady Mary Ann strip club.

 Best thing about being a rep: It’s so fun to meet all different types of people, for real, it’s the best thing.

 Worst: When something bad happens and you have no other choice than to deal with it.

 How did you become a rep: A big part is because of my skateboarding background.

 How long have you been a rep:4 years

 What is the worst job you’ve ever had and why: Working in an assembly line factory, I stayed there for two weeks and I wanted to kill myself.

 What is your biggest concern with the industry in Canada: Majors are becoming bigger and bigger and I’m scared that it will kill all the small independents. Support your local skateshop!