Platform Distribution out of Vancouver BC, has just picked up Hype skateboards. Platform is also the Canadian arm for brands like Vulcan bolts and Weather MTN Clothing. Press Release below:



Platform Distribution is bringing The HYPE! to Canada!!

Vancouver based Platform Distribution has received the Canadian distribution rights to Hype Skateboards.

Hype Skateboards was created in 2008 by Owner/Artist Mike Hiskey based out of Long Beach, CA. After working with on the original 411 videos and with the help of P.J.. Thebeau, he took off where Popwar left off.! “What is Hype!? What isn’t. Its that thing that consumes our culture and generates inflated expectations, over enthusiasm and unrealistic futures. Its Pop Culture. Hype Skateboards is Committed To The Superficial.”! Bringing thought provoking graphics and quality skateboards together, their team riders are PRO’s Mike Barker, Jeremy Holmes and AM’s Tyler Price, Kurt Winter, David Perry, Justin Cefai, Jeff Figueroa and Adam Simoni. Adam Simoni was a part of the shortened season of SLAP One in a Million. Hype rewarded his hard work with official amateur status this year. Watch his welcome video online at! 2014 is the year Hype! came to Canada Hype Skateboards joins Vulcan Bolts, and Weather MTN Clothing in the Platform Distribution catalog. Platform Distribution is committed to bringing core, not corporate, brands to Canadian Skateboarders. ! Retailers can contact Dennis Regan at for more information about Hype skateboards availability in Canada. ! Visit for catalogs.