Vancouver based Platform Distribution has received the Canadian distribution rights to Jetty Clothing and 3 Shibuya Clothing.

Jetty formed in 2003 to support the surrounding board-riding and creative community.  As a grassroots effort, it remains true to its original intentions 12 years later and also prints most of its garments in-house, using an Eco-friendly, water-based ink system.  

Jetty supports a team of surfers, skateboarders, artists and musicians who embody the spirit of the brand’s Draw Your Own Line mantra. From legends like Chuck Treece (McRad & Blacktop) to blue collar standouts like Randy Townsend, Jetty is fueled by people who work hard to pursue their passions.

3 Shibuya is straight from the mind of Jorge Rivas. It started as an obsession with graffiti, break dancing, and skateboarding in Los Angeles. Now it has evolve into a dynamic, grassroots collection of wearable street art.

3 Shibuya was first conceived in Tokyo. Inspired buy the unique fashion and style of the Shibuya area of Tokyo, Jorge Rivas has created a unique brand and company.

Both Jetty and 3 Shibuya will be coming to Canada in the Fall/Winter of 2015.

Jetty Clothing joins Vagrant Skateboards, Solitaire Skateboards, Vulcan Bolts, and LACED in the Platform Distribution catalog. Platform Distribution is committed to bringing core, not corporate, brands to Canadian Retailers.

Retailers can contact for more information about Jetty Clothing and 3 Shibuya availability in Canada.

Visit for catalogs.