Pro-Tec teams up with Keep-a-Breast for Breast Cancer Prevention Month

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – (October 6, 2014) Pro-Tec announces they have teamed up with leading youth-focused, non-profit breast cancer organization, Keep A Breast Foundation, to help the education prevention and early detection of breast cancer by donating $5.00 for every pink helmet sold on their website for October, Breast Cancer Prevention month.

“Breast cancer is on the rise in people under forty and we at Pro-Tec want to do what we can to help raise money and awareness for a breast cancer prevention. We feel that the Keep A Breast Foundation is the organization that speaks directly to our customer and shares similar principles of prevention and protection. We look forward to helping spread the word of protection by getting out and checking yourself regularly.”– Joel Kramer, Pro-Tec Marketing manager.

“At Keep A Breast, we believe that early detection is a key factor in saving lives of those affected by breast cancer,” said Shaney jo Darden, Founder of The Keep A Breast Foundation. “Through this exciting collaboration with Pro-Tec, we hope to inform and educate more young people about breast cancer, and more importantly, let them know what they can do personally to fight the disease.”

To support Pro-Tec and their offer to donate to Keep A Breast visit and remember to #checkyourselfie.



About Pro-Tec:

Since the origin of skateboarding the Pro-Tec name has been synonymous with board sports. Enabling legends like Steve Caballero and Christian Hosoi to push the limits of what was possible on a skateboard. That dedication and evolution transcended outward and onward to concrete slayers of all forms and shapes, both 2 wheels and 4. Naturally when Snowboarders took the surf skate approach to the mountain Pro-Tec was once again there to protect these pioneers, rebels, and rule breakers paving yet another path for a lifestyle we would adopt.



Pro-Tec is the only protective gear brand with 41 years of roots in action sports. The heritage resonates through today’s team and product line, however the brand is elevating impact technologies, fit, function, and improved materials to meet the ever growing demand of the world’s premiere athletes that continue to blaze the trail of the sports that have become our lifestyle. Amongst the modern facelift, the Brand stays true to its roots, maintaining teams in multiple categories, supporting events, and giving credit where credit is due. The newest collection from Pro-Tec summarizes everything that runs in the brands legendary DNA. A blend of classic style and modern technology, adapted for the fit and function needed by the riders. The 2014 line is everything you need and nothing you don’t. With a wide variety of styles, features, and colors, you are certain to find a Pro-Tec helmet you’ll be happy to put on your head.

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About The Keep A Breast Foundation:

Since its inception in 2000, KAB has worked with young people to remove the shame associated with breasts and breast cancer. Through various initiatives such as breast cast art exhibitions, the “Non Toxic Revolution” and “I love boobies!” bracelets campaign, KAB has opened up the dialog about breast cancer, and has proven to be a doorway to breast self-awareness and education. Keep A Breast has grown into the leading global youth based breast cancer prevention organization, with global affiliates in Japan, Canada, Europe and Chile. The Keep A Breast Foundation’s 2014 campaign is called #checkyourselfie which will communicate the importance of monthly breast self-checks. Visit to learn how to pledge, download the app, and/or sign-up for text message monthly reminders.

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