Ransom, known for it’s trend setting footwear collaborations with adidas, have created their very own collection. As a part of their new chapter they have joined forces with No Limits group to help with the sales and logistics side.


Vancouver, B.C. – Ransom Holding Co announces independent foray into Lifestyle footwear.

 Ransom has always chosen its own path. “NEVER QUIET, AND ALWAYS INNOVATIVE” RANSOM began as a retail endeavor in 2002, renowned for meshing their unique point of view with the brands they carried. Ransom soon branched out into it’s own branded apparel, then footwear through a unique arrangement with adidas Originals that saw the Ransom product line distributed to over 100 countries around the Globe.

“I am humbled to have been given the platform to establish a legion of fans through our collection with adidas Originals” said founder Matt George  “and now we move on to the next chapter.”  


 “We have taken bold steps forward, with the conviction to craft footwear that is rugged enough for a journey on a path less traveled, but still have enough panache for city dwelling.”

 Through a close partnership with No LIMITS GROUP on the logistical side of their business, Ransom inherits operational strength that allows “us to concentrate on what we do best ” said George “which is design and market trend setting footwear.  We are excited about the Canadian connection in this arrangement and how it will allow us to operate as a larger brand and meet the fulfillment levels that our Global retailers expect and deserve.”

 For sales inquires contact: ransom@nolimits.ca