“It’s easy for brands to look at these phone number sized orders from multi-door retailers and be stoked but it’s the little guys who ride or die with us.”


Agency: Burton in-house sales based in Nova Scotia. Brands: Burton, Anon and Analog Territory: Atlantic Canada (Not just the Maritimes, Newfoundland & Labrador are not the Maritimes!)

How long have you been a rep? Ten years. I’m not new to this, I’m true to this. Steve Smith at FistFullaFives took a chance on me and I never wanted him to regret that choice. Smithers is a bawse PKs per year: 20-plus

Selling seasons per year: A real sales rep never stops selling.

Longest distance between shops: Ollie Around, Cape Breton – George’s, Steadybrook NL (8 hour boat ride on a refugee ship and a 3-plus hour drive).

Most remote account: Shout out to Minipi Outfitters and C&S Sports in Labrador.

Rep vehicle: 2012 Volkswagen Golf Wagon Mileage: Mellow…at the moment.

Favourite road grub: Anything gluten free (having Celiac and being a rep is rough out there in the streets).

Best road trip story: On the way to Marble Mountain last year for demos and the Jibfest weekend, we got stuck in Cape Breton for two and half days last year because of weather. Missed the first day of the demo. Finally made it to Marble, hill was closed due to a blizzard (but the Burton crew hiked the hill to earn some turns and sweat out some booze). Finally got to demo the last day we were there. Then on the way back to the ferry that night it was a white out. In the middle of nowhere a heard caribou ran into the highway. One of the “boo-boos” ran into the truck (he hit me, I didn’t hit him.) I missed the other 29 of them threading the needle like some Days of Thunder shit. The truck had over $14,000 in damages and took four weeks to fix.

Best way to kill time on the road: Skating.

All-time highway tunes: Trap music or The Juan Epstein podcast.

Favourite place work has taken you and why: New Zealand. The place is a mix between Newfoundland and Jurassic Park.

Most common questions asked by retailers: Shipping questions.

Most common retailers request: Advice and business direction.

Do you lose or gain weight during selling season? Lose. I treat selling season like a heavy weight fight. You can’t be slow or the game will knock you out of it.

Best thing about being a rep: I fuckin’ selling snowboard gear for the best brand in the world. What could be better?

Worst: Only 24 hours in the day.

What is the worst job you’ve ever had and why? Never really had one.

What is your biggest concern with the industry in Canada? The demise of the independent core shop. Foot traffic continues to dwindle for these doors. We need these retailers to help grow our board sport movements but make sure they are profitable while doing it. Without these passionate and self-less shops, future generations will not develop the same passion and commitment to skating and snowboarding. It’s easy for brands to look at these phone number sized orders from multi-door retailers and be stoked but it’s the little guys who ride or die with us. That why I’m stoked on Burton’s Backyard Project, Standing Sideways, Support Local programs and their commitment to developing new riders with Riglet Reel parks.