REP 411

Sam Perrault


Agency name: Mehrathon Trading


Brands: Deathwish, Shake Junt, Baker, Heroin, Brigada, Ace Trucks, Paradise, Shut, Primitive, Quintin Co., Mighty Healthy, Good Wood NYC, Gourmet NFN, Rastaclat, Fuct, Zoo York


Territory: Canada


PK’s per year: Do industry parties count?


Selling Seasons per year: 52—Every week is a selling season.


Most remote account: Alternative in Rimouski. That’s the farthest I’ve gone in Québec and Alternative Groove in Nanaimo BC the farthest I’ve been in Canada. Pretty funny that both are called Alternative


Rep vehicle: Volkswagen Rabbit 2.5


Mileage: 63 356 km


Favorite road grub: A & W, Grand-pa Burger. That’s the bomb.


Best way to kill time on the road: Making sure that nobody is watching you singing in your car.


All-time highway tunes: Usually it’s the time I listen to a complete new album, something I haven’t had the time to soak in yet.


Best job Perk: Meeting different girls in many cities.


Favorite place work has taken you and why: I love California. The weather is great and I’ve got a lot of friends that I don’t see often. It’s always good to be there.


Do you loose or gain weight during selling season: I think I just keep gaining weight period.


Tell us a story: One time my mom thought I was in jail in Las Vegas cause I posted “ Just got stopped by the police in front of the Palms Hotel for no reason”. We were just couples of guys getting beer at the corner store. We were just about to get in the hotel with the beer and two cops cars came on us. They told us to put our hands on the hood. First we didn’t even think it was for us. When we realize it was actually for us we dropped everything and obliged. They checked our ID’s and ask crazy questions. All that just cause Andrew Pott looked too young to carry beer. We all thought it was super weird so we put it on facebook and twitter. Then she called my dad and told him I was in jail.


Best thing about being a rep: Meeting so many people and traveling everywhere. I discovered my country being rep.


How did you become a rep: I basically got introduce in the game by Pete Nicolas the Krew, Supra rep in Québec. When I was in sales school I helped him out and he introduced me to Raj. I really liked what Raj was doing so I harassed him do to and internship with him. He agreed and that was the beginning for me.