SBC Media, Canada’s largest and most trusted, independent publisher of action sports lifestyle media, is pleased to announce exciting staff changes and new digital products, launching ahead of the holiday season. These developments will provide dynamic, new opportunities for advertising partners and more ways to connect with SBC Media’s extensive audience.

The publisher of Snowboard Canada, SBC Skateboard, SBC Skier, SBC Wakeboard and other youth-driven titles has promoted its longtime Director of Circulation and Promotions, Mike Hartman, to the position of SBC Media Group Managing Director. In his new role, Mike is responsible for overseeing SBC Media’s day-to-day operations and guiding the company through its future development.

“SBC Media is headed in an exciting new direction,” says Hartman. “Not only will our print channels continue to highlight the best Canadian athletes, events, stories and original content people have come to expect from us, but our audience will now be able to access this content 24/7 through our interactive digital apps, videos, newly designed and fully responsive websites, and through our ever-growing social platforms.”

Former Snowboard Canada Editor, Scott Birke, will be overseeing many of the exciting content expansions in his new role as Group Editorial Director.

“We’re really excited about our new digital properties,” says Birke. “While we’ve had great content on our sites for years, our further progression into digital, starting immediately with downloadable copies of our magazines followed by dedicated industry-leading apps will provide an engaging mobile future for our audience and position SBC at the forefront of the evolving media landscape.”

At Snowboard Canada, former professional snowboarder, and previous Managing Editor, Jesse Fox has stepped up to the role of Editor, joined by former SBC Resort Guide Editor Adam Levitt as Photo Editor.

At SBC Skateboard, renowned photographer, filmer and editor and long-time contributor, Brian Caissie has taken the position of Editor. Recognized as one of Canada’s premiere lensmen, Caissie also brings extensive industry and athlete connections, as well as progressive knowledge in the digital media world to the publishing group.

In addition to her role as Editor of Snowboard Canada Women’s Annual, Christina Raymond has been promoted to SBC Media Group Circulation and Marketing Manager.

And at SBC Business, former Skateboarder Magazine Editor-in-Chief—and current Associate Publisher of SBC Skateboard and SBC Business, Brian Peech, has added Editor of SBC Business to his responsibilities and will direct the title’s digital expansion and continued growth as Canada’s longstanding, independent authority and promoter of the action sports business in Canada.

“Working with a deep lineup of connected and passionate people to create authentic, market-leading products for an audience we truly care about—now, that gets me out of bed in the morning,” says Peech. “I’ve worked for nearly two decades in this industry, alongside some incredible folks in both the Canadian and U.S. markets, and can honestly say I’ve never been more excited to be part of something. This is going to be rad.”

“We’ve got the most accomplished and talented team in place to facilitate our forward growth,” adds Birke. “SBC Media is well-positioned to expand its growing reach through all evolving media platforms for its industry partners.”