“Having a brewery next door to us is a good and bad thing. I find myself having to retrieve a vehicle the day after far too often.” —Jason Hilton


Brands: Ride, Cappel, Morrow, Spacecraft, Celtek, Beaver Wax, Mtn Approach. TAVIK, Sabre, Wonderland, Super Brand surfboards and apparel, Tense Wooden Watches, Bic watersports.

Staff: Jason Hilton, Erik Gelling

Location: Settlement Building, 395 Alexander in Rail Town, Vancouver, BC

Building type: 1920s wood and concrete, industrial space.

Space size: 2500 sq. ft.





Standout features: The Settlement Building has super tall ceilings and an epic wooden roof, the giant sky lights let in a ton of light during the day and there is a 25-foot shipping container in the space that is walled in and acts as storage. Our neighbors are cool, The Urban Winery, Belgard Kitchen and Post Mark brewery are in the same building, they keep us fed and lubricated.

Soundtrack: Random shuffle with iPods, Songza, CBC Radio 3. It’s completely random depending on who’s in the space.

Lunchtime: Belgard Kitchen is our go to for lunch and dinners lately. They are killing it! Eat there if you can get in, the line up can get kind of long.

Beverage of choice: Postmark Pilsner. Having a brewery next door to us is a good and bad thing. I find myself having to retrieve a vehicle the day after, far to often.




Unwritten rule? There are no rules!

Showroom design: It’s an open concept, with almost very thing on wheels. It allows us to reconfigure the space for different events or showings. There’s a lounge at one end that is sitting on a stage, and we have a long bar-height table splitting the space up the middle. And right now we have a guest artist doing some large-scale airbrush paintings. The space is very flexible and constantly changing.

Rent or own: Rent.



Happy hour spot? At the long table in the show room, or next door with our mouths under a tap of freshly brewed beer.

Something your accounts don’t know about the showroom? Our space was once a welding shop, and it has been used for photo shoots, to make rock videos, commercials. At one point the floor was covered in sand and a beach party ensued.