We’re not going to lie, SIA Day 1 did some damage. Hurt but not broken we came back to seek out more product trends of the future. The snowboard community has a great thing going, good vibes, great hang. We’ll run through this as quick as possible so we can get back to the party.

CLICK HERE to see our post from DAY ONE.

 The Manboys are up for a Transworld award for their video series. Here Robjn Taylor and Chris Rasman contemplate their favourite page in the new Snowboard Canada.

Kevin Sansalone shows us the revolutionary new venting system on next year’s line of SANDBOX helmets.

NITRO snowboards new Team Series, featuring the photography of Lorenz Holder, is a thing of beauty.

DRAGON NFX2 goggle is on point. Claiming the quickest quick change system in the game, and looking clean as.

AIRHOLE is experimenting on some next level shit. Prepare the hills for face protection and weirdness.

They’re back baby! VANS is shipping boots next year. They’ve got a full new line up and everything. This V-66 beauty has been blessed by Taka Hayashi.

The war on gloves?! Bjorn Leines of CELTEK and Danny Kass of GRENADE play nice before trying to take each others order dollars.

Dave Banks is the boss behind the art of the award winning SALOMON Villain and many more boards in the 2016 lineup. Their boards are looking amazing for next year.

Chris Rasman fills out the down retro inspired piece from the the green-machine INI Outerwear. “Keep doing great things and the earth will reward you.” – I read that in a fortune cookie once…

VOLCOM hitting in the streets with this killer black wax look and in the backcountry with the safety orange Gore-Tex Mark Landvik pro-model piece.


SPY drops the A.C.E. quick change function with low-pro fashion. Just the goggle you were looking for.

ANON. Bode Merrill is a straight up mad man on a snowboard. Seems chill here though, showing us a deep collection. Here’s his favourite piece.