Victoria based surf apparel brand, Sitka, has joined 1% for the planet. A global network of businesses that donate 1% or more of annual sales to non-profit groups focused on environmental sustainability, 1% for the Planet brings together progressive organizations willing to make a genuine financial commitment to creating a healthier planet and a more sustainable future. Founded in 2002 as a custom surfboard company, Sitka has always been aware that its viability as a business is dependent on clean air, clean water, intact wilderness and good growing land.


“The idea of 1% for the Planet really aligns with the principles we founded the company on,” says Sitka co-founder Andrew Paine. “We see it as essential for businesses to be connected to nature, and this is a way to do it. It takes capitalism and connects it to environmentalism, and shows that those two don’t have to be separated like they are in so many ways.”


Causes that Sitka will be donating to include: conservation science, salmon enhancement and creating an oil-free B.C. coast.