We run down the 411 with Spearmint Pelican‘s Tyler Beatson.


Agency name: Spearmint Pelican

Brands: Lifetime Collective, Penfield, Brixton, Deus, Poler, WeSC, Minimum, Komono, Generic Surplus, Native, Gram, All Day and Classified

Territory: Ontario

PK’s per year: A handful

Selling seasons per year: Four full seasons

Most remote account: Ontario is massive: The Loop in Thunder Bay is the furthest, and I would say Park and Prov. on Manitoulin Island is the most remote.

Rep vehicle: Jeep Wrangler 2012

Mileage: 230,000 give or take a few.

Favourite road grub: Since my lady is a chef, I love to bring homemade food on the road, but when I cheat it’s usually some sort of truck-stop burger or mom-and-pop diner.

Best road-trip story: Once, heading out on a skate trip to B.C. from Alberta, we got pulled over. When I tried to give the cop my licence he said, “Keep that. I just want to know how you got a Toyota Echo to go 150 kilometred uphill?” To which I replied, “We were just givin’ ’er, sir!” No tickets were issued.

Best way to kill time on the road: I like to sing a lot on my own, or pretend to be asleep when people pass me.

Best job perk: I would say the best perk to my job would be travel and meeting people.

Favorite place work has taken you, and why: Our trip to Copenhagen [Denmark] for the Minimum sales meeting was really cool culturally, and the food was amazing—unbelievably friendly people. The best dinner I have ever had was in Denmark with the F-Bomb crew at a spot called Geranium.

The most common questions you are asked by retailers: “What’s the margin for this brand?”

The most common thing retailers’ request from you: “Terms” and “discounts.”

Do you lose or gain weight during selling season? I typically lose weight. I let the stress eat at me.

Best thing about being a rep? Getting to meet lots of great people.

Worst? Politics. Wish it could always be smooth.

How long have you been a rep for? Going on three years.

What is the worst job you’ve ever had, and why? I once took a job as a housekeeper at a really nice golf course. There were no other jobs. The crew I worked with consisted of some mid-40s moms that would hit on me all day and my friend, Karla. Perks to the job were free golf and I was done work at two every day, so I had lots of free time to skate.

What is your biggest concern with the industry in Canada? [Laughs] You have a few hours?