Eyewear Brand Brings Successful Lens Technology To Goggle Collection

It was no shocker to hear that Spy would be putting their successful Happy Lens technology into the goggle line up for 2014. The lens features a color and contrast-enhancement that lets in the sun’s “good” rays, long-wave blue light, while blocking out the “bad” rays, UV and short-wave blue light.

“This lens makes bluebird days bluer, bumps and jumps more distinct, and your sightline more crisp and clear”, say Daryl Trinidad, SPY Marketing Manager.

The Happy Lens technology will be available in all four of SPY’s spherical models. They will come complete with two Happy lenses. The Doom, Bravo, Platoon and Marshall. Pricing for these models with the Happy Lens technology ranges from $180 – $240 MSRP.

“After successfully introducing the Happy Lens™ into our sunglasses this past year, the next step in our evolution was to bring Happy to our snow goggles. Now all involved in winter activities will be able to benefit from the positive effects of the Happy Lens™ such as Increased alertness and uplift in mood. With the Happy Lens™, now cloudy days are going to feel as good as powder days.”—Daryl Trinidad, SPY Marketing Manager.