Tense the Original Wooden Watch manufacture from British Columbia Canada has hired Kyle Thomson as their North American Sales Manager. In addition Tense has hired a new sales force to service Canada and the US action sports and boutique markets.

“Kyle comes to Tense with 15 plus combined years of retail and outside sales experience. His knowledge of the industry and understanding of the retail landscape along with his connections will absolutely assist in building our brand as we enter new areas of business”, Says Ceo Frances Lua.

I’m extremely excited and pleased with my new role at Tense. We are focusing a lot of time into our new market segments in the boutique and action sport markets and needed rep on the ground to really start the push as we enter these key selling periods.

We are happy to announce that we have hired Yannick Raymond for the Quebec and Maritime regions and Jason Hilton of JRH Agency to cover western Canada. I will continue to manage Ontario for the time being but expect to fill this position in the upcoming months. Not to forget our counter parts in the very important US markets Cody “C3PO” Prudoehl at Otolith Consortium will cover the Great Lakes and Midwest regions. Nick Gerber will set up camp in the Rocky Mounts regions while Rich Smith and Jason Miller will cover the lower and upper western board for us. In the east covering Northeastern and Mid Atlantic areas is the class act Rob Cilentto and Valerie Lombardo at Genuine brand management will round us out in the Southeastern areas.

We are excited to add these new individuals to our already talented team covering the Jewelry and gift markets. Tense is a heritage brand and has been manufacturing watches at home right here in North America since the early 70’s. We needed individuals that not only could open new doors for us but also would spread the gospel so to speak about our brand vision, heritage and core values of quality. We are very confident in our new team selection and I look forward to providing them and our retailer all the necessary tools to drive our brand forward.

About Tense

Tense is an independently, family owned and operated manufacture of high quality, unique wooden time pieces. The business was established in British Columbia Canada in 1971 by Japanese clock designer Ken Lau and today is operated by him, his 2 daughters Frances and Anna and a small artisan manufacturing team.  

You can reach Tense Wooden Watches for retail wholesale inquiries at info@tensewatch.com or by visiting our website www.tensewatch.com for more details.