Timebomb Trading has just informed us that they have hired some new blood in the marketing department. Tyler Holm will start taking over some of Judah Oake’s duties as the new skate TM and marketing assistant. Oakes will remain with Timbomb heading up the art department.



Timebomb Trading Inc. is very excited to announce the addition of Tyler Holm as our new Skate Team Manager & Marketing Assistant.


Tyler has been in the industry for a while now in different roles from team management to social media to being an amazing filmer/editor. He already has great relationships with a lot of our team riders and he rips on a skateboard!

Make sure to say hi to Tyler and our Emerica team this June on their “Not The Screech-In Tour” in St. John, Moncton and Halifax. #EMERICANOTSCREECHIN


Tyler Holm’s personality reminds me of a 12 year-old, yet he manages as many jobs as a single mother. A team manager, comedian, and skateboarder all combined into one man. Seeing his comedic side, you may not see the businessman in him, and seeing his business side, you may not see much at all, but time and time again, Tyler and his harmless intentions come through on top.” – Dane Collison, Supra TM


“Hopefully we keep laughing” – Tyler Holm

We would also like to take this opportunity to give a huge shout out to Judah Oakes. Judah has been Timebomb’s Skate TM for over a decade and has played a huge part in the careers of a lot of Canadian skateboarders. Judah will continue on at Time- bomb but in a more focused role in the Art Department. He will, however, still be working closely with Tyler on team issues and teaching him what it takes to become a seasoned veteran in this industry. Thanks Judah!

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