On September 12, 2012 snowboarding and skateboarding lost one of their founding fathers. The Legendary Tom Sims died of a heat attack at the age of 65.

Tom Sims may have been the first man on a snowboard. Back in 1969 he built something he called a snurfer. Sims was responsible for many firsts in skateboarding and snowboarding. Some of these include the first metal edged board, production of the first highback binding, the first plywood pressed skateboard, the first snowboard half-pipe, the first freestyle snowboard, the first pro model snowboard and the first longboard skateboard.

Tom never stopped pushing the limits of snowboarding and even today; Sims snowboards is responsible for some major innovations and advancements.

Rest in peace Tom. Skateboarding and Snowboarding would have not been the same without you.