REP 411

Trevor Chapman


Agency name

DC, Quiksilver, Roxy Canada



DC Footwear, apparel and snow division and Quiksilver/Roxy snow division



Alberta, Saskatchewan


PK’s per year



Selling Seasons per year



Longest distance between

Highlevel in High Level Alberta to XSIV in Estevan, Saskatewan. 1757 kms.


Most remote account

High Level sports in High Level Alberta


Rep vehicle

Jeep Patriot in the city and rental cars for road trips, preferably mini vans with bald all season tires. I like to white knuckle across prairies



Usually about 2000K per trip


Best road trip story

I got hit by a car crossing the street in Regina on a PK tour by an overweight guy in a mini van. I ended up kicking in the front panel of his beloved mini van, he was not stoked but he did run me over with no apology. So that seemed even to me.


Favorite place work has taken you and why

Probably have to say St.Anton Austria. We arrived to green grass and within a day there was a meter of snow and were able to catch the best opening day I have ever had. It was during their Christmas tradition of “Krampus” the adults dress up as terrifying monsters and beat children in the street. Google it, it’s messed up.


The most common questions you are asked by retailers

What is going on in the rest of the territory?


The most common thing retailers’ request from you

Insight to the brands your selling and what can be done to further enhance sales of them in terms of sales support.


Tell us a story

At the last Knowshow in January we held a contest with the Source and one lucky customer ended up winning a trip to whistler to ride with Devun Walsh and all expenses paid for by DC. He made it half way through dinner before getting too drunk and went back to the hotel. Once Mark Weeks figured out where he was, him and David Kozak went into his room woke him up by beating him up and throwing shit around the room. He was then forced out of bed and off to fortune where some of us ended up in a pink limo on route to Brandy’s and the other half at some sort of S&M bondage house party. The next morning we all drove to Whistler with no sleep at 7am and rode all day, then flew home on the last flight out of there.


Best thing about being a rep

Working with great people and traveling to places I may not have been able to visit otherwise.



People not believing you because you’re in sales.


How did you become a rep

I started in retail at a local shop in Calgary called Mission. After I graduated university I ended up becoming a buyer. I started volunteering for any rep that would take me for demos or events. I then worked as a sub rep for Andrew Hicks for 4 years and most Recently Aaron Corrigan for three years. I owe both of them a lot for what they taught me to get to this point.


What is your biggest concern with the industry in Canada

Independent stores giving up on the big box invasion and letting them have the business. The service being offered at an independent level will by far succeed what any big box store can offer. Reps and retailers can work together to ensure we offer service and selection that will keep the customer coming back. We are in a specialized industry that caters to specific needs of each customer.