Triple Eight was born and raised in New York City. Their gear has been tested on the streets of New York for decades, putting it to work against urban terrain, traffic, unpredictable weather, and the true grit of the city.

Over the years their brand has gone global, collecting team riders from all over the world. New York, however, will always be home for Triple Eight, and the city’s culture is rooted in everything they create.

Triple Eight combines the love and excitement of action sports with the knowledge of business operations and customer service needed to succeed in a demanding market. Over the years they’ve gained the trust of both businesses and individual consumers and pride themselves on being reliable and easy to work with.

After 21 years in the business, Triple Eight is still developing new and innovative concepts, making countless prototypes until the final product is nothing short of perfect. Triple Eight’s Sweatsaver has been the standard for years, featuring a comfortable low profile and removable liners. However, because of its design, the Sweatsaver won’t pass the high-impact testing required for CPSC, ASTM, or CE certification. Triple Eight has released countless other certified helmets but nothing seems to fit as deep or low-profile as the Sweatsaver…until now.

After years of trial and error, Triple Eight has created the Holy Grail of helmets – the Certified Sweatsaver. They have developed a unique pattern of recesses and channels that allows both the certified EPS and a full 360 plush Sweatsaver liner to fit within the helmet while maintaining the sleek external dimensions of the original.

X Games skaters like Elliot Sloan and Paul-Luc Ronchetti along with dozens of other riders have given the Certified Sweatsaver a thumbs-up after testing it out themselves. The Certified Sweatsaver proves that there is no compromise; you can have all the comfort you want plus the safety you need with this lightweight and affordable product.

triple 8 helmet

For $79.99 Cdn riders can pick up their helmet along with two full sets of liners in different thicknesses to allow you full control of your perfect fit.

Beginning November 15th, Certified Sweatsavers will be available in black, navy, carbon, and mint, at core shops across the country.

For more information, check out their website here.

If you’re a retailer interested in carrying Triple Eight’s new line of Certified Sweatsaver helmets or any of their gear for that matter, send HO Sports Canada an email to get started at

Photos by Eby Ghafarian.