Vans Cancels 2014/2015 Boot Program


Vans will not be producing, shipping or selling any snowboard boots this coming season. We received word from Vans Yesterday about the disappointing news. President, Kevin Bailey filed us in on the detail.


SBC Business: Can you tell us what happened?


Kevin Bailey: We are upset to announce that we will not be delivering our boot line this fall. We had a sudden failure at one of our factories in China that became unsolvable. Vans received word this past Sunday and for the last few days we’ve been scrambling to come up with options. Of the factories that could have handled this massive undertaking on such a short notice only one stood out and even with that factory there were delivery and quality concerns. We did not want to risk an inferior product that might not even delivery on time so we made a decision at that point to kill the boot program for this coming season.

The most important thing for us has been to get the word out to retailers so they can adjust their buys for this fall.


SBC Business: Will anything carry over? How does this effect the 2015/16 seasons?


Kevin Bailey: Our 2015 line is already deep in development. That product will move forward and come through with no issue. We’ve decided to go with one of our other factories. After they ad some technical tooling and make a few changes they’ll be more than capable of producing out 2015/16 line up.


SBC Business: What will happen to the marketing, team and PR side for the 2014/15 program?


Kevin Bailey: We are not changing any of our plans that are already in place for 2014/15. Snow is really important to Vans and we just had our 20-year anniversary. We will move forward, support our athletes, support our events and continue to tell the story of Vans snow. We notified the reps, the retailers and all our athletes in the same day. It was very important for everyone to know what had happened and what will happen moving forward.

There will be no impact on our employees or the boot program moving forward. Our hope is that people will remember the integrity of our brand when it comes time to book boots for the 2015/16 season.